Top Ten things that make my life as a reader easier – Top Ten Tuesday #1


‘Top Ten Tuesday’  is a feature created by The Broke and Bookish.
Each week, a topic is given and you have to find your top ten books matching this topic.



9 Things that make my life as a reader easier

1) Goodreads
Do I really need to say more?  I don’t think so. Goodreads is just beyond perfect.

2) Twitter
Twitter is just such a great, great way to keep up with stuff… I love it!

3) Amazon
As some of you may know, I live in Germany and it’s quite hard to get your hands on English books here, so Amazon is an absolute lifesaver!

4)  Youtube
Booktube videos are my favourite, favourite mean of procrastination! I just love watching them and got SO many great recommendations from booktubers!

5) ReadTracker
It’s an app for Android phones (there’s a pretty popular one for iPhones as well…) which allows you to record the time in which your reading. You type in the amount of pages your current read has and this app then calculates your average reading speed and how long it’ll take you to finish the book. I love it!

6) My Kindle
Ahhh, how much I live reading on my Kindle! I haven’t had it for a really long time but I LOVE it. Reading is just sooo much easier.

7) Post-its
Hrr. I just absolutely love marking my favourtie passages in books with colourful little post it notes. That way, I can easily get back to great scenes and quotes and also it looks quite cool!

8) You
Yes, you. The entire online book community has made my life as a reader so so so much easier. All the recommendations and reviews.. aaah, I love you guys so much ♥

9) The English language
You may be like ‘what the hell’ right now, but yeah. I’m still German but I hate the German language. I’m a worshipper of the English and therefore only only only ever read English books (except they’re by German authors). Being able to to this made my life MUCH better.


What are things that make your life as a reader easier?