Review Policy

Current status: OPEN for ARCs, Review Copies, Author features

Want me to review a book of yours? I’d love to, but there are a few things you should know about:


I only own an Amazon Kindle, so if you want to send me an ebook copy of your book, make sure that it is compatible. Otherwise I won’t be able to review your book.
I am also open to receiving physical copies for review, please just note that I live in Germany and won’t pay for shipping.
Overall, I prefer ebooks for ARCs and Review Copies.


I am generally open to all kinds of books, but these are a few things I enjoy:

  • YA
  • Contemporary
  • New Adult
  • Dystopian
  • Paranormal

However, I would really love to branch out into different genres so really, just send me a book and I will definitely check it out!

My reviews include:

  • Important information (title, author, publication year etc.)
  • Cover
  • Summary (from Goodreads ore
  • My subjective thoughts
  • To whom I’d recommend the book and why
  • Rating
  • Links to Goodreads and Amazon
  • Links to websites etc if provided
  • Author information (+ social media links if provided)

If I accept your book for review, I will definitely read and review it. However, I will not be able to tell you when exactly I’ll be reading your book.

My reviews will be posted on this blog, as well as on Goodreads. I will also link them on my Twitter.

I will not accept any kind of payment for my reviews or any kind of posts.

All contact information can be found under ‘Contact’.


★★★★★ – This book was amazing and blew me away!
★★★★     – I really liked the book!
★★★          – The book was good.
★★              – Did not like it
★                  – It was awful

Author features

I am also open to author features! This means I will create a post including:

  • Information about you as a person and as an author
  • A short info about your last book
  • Social media / Website links
  • Your answers to questions I sent you as a fun little interview

Just contact me via E-Mail!

Blog Tours

I’m open for Blog Tours, please just contact me about 3 weeks before the actual event!


All the books displayed and/or reviewed on this blog are either bought by myself or haven been given to me by family/friends/authors/publishing companies. All posts on this blog are my original words if not noted differently.


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