About Me

Snapshot_20130609 Well hello there, lovely people! Here to find out a little bit about me? Sure? Alright then!

So, my name is Alex (just call me Alex, my full name is even worse…), I’m 16 years old and from Germany (which is also why I’d like to apologise in  advance for any kinds of mistakes related to language – I try).
At the moment, I still go to school and I’m in 12th grade. I’ll be majoring (I won’t even try to explain the German pendant to that- school systems    are CONFUSING!) in German, English and Chemistry in early 2015. After that, I plan on spending a gap year in the lovely England, preferably doing  Work & Travel but I’ll have to figure that out. As to my future… Well, I don’t really know what I want to do. I want to study and I’d love to do so in  England, but I’m not sure what. I was pretty sure I wanted to do Pharmacy for the longest time, but that has changed over the past few months. At the moment, I am mostly interested in Psychology, Languages and stuff like Media % Communication. Yeah I know, that’s a lot of different stuff. Tell me about it.

But enough about my inability to make important decisions in life – would you want to know a bit more about this blog and me as a reader?

I started this blog in August 2013, just because. I have been reading bookblogs / watching Booktubers for the longest time now and I just thought why not try for myself- and here we are. It’s not much of a thing and I’m definitely not good enough at handling all the layout crap, but it’ll do. I’ll just try to keep it simple.
Now, I’m not like many of the other bookbloggers I follow and really admire, firstly because I don’t read 637288 books a month. Seriously guys, how do you do that?! Anyway, I try my nest at fitting some reading into my spare time and I know I could do more, but alas.
When I was 4 years old, I taught myself to read. No idea how I did that, but I remember sitting in my grandma’s kitchen and suddenly, I could read. And I went up to my parents and read The Very Hungry Caterpillar to them.  It’s really weird.
Ever since, I’ve been obsessed with reading, although it really was the Harry Potter series, that made me fall in love with books. So many childhood memories ♥
Today, I read mostly YA and Contemporary.

And here I go, telling you tons of stuff you certainly didn’t want to know. Thanks a lot for visiting my blog – you can follow me if you’d like :)
If you’ve got any kind of feedback, questions, advice for me, drop me a mail! All information on the “Contact” page! (You can also find out where else to find me on there)


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