Moving to Blogger!

Yeaah, that’s right. I haven’t been here for two weeks and I’m already leaving. Why? Well. I just can’t deal with WordPress. I just can’t. The post formating is H O R R O R and aargh, I just don’t like it. With Blogger, I have experience. I’m familiar with everything there and it just feels much more comfortable.
That’s why I’ve spent the past 2 days moving this blog to Blogger and editing everything so that it looked nice, so maybe you want to head over there to follow me? I won’t be posting here anymore:


Of course you can still follow me via EMail or Bloglovin’, but also through GFC :) Thanks a bunch ♥


One thought on “Moving to Blogger!

  1. Hahaha I did the same thing! I didn’t even manage to set up everything on wordpress. I think it’s great if you know what to do, but blogger is just easier to figure out. And if that means less options, I’m ok with that!

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