Bout of Books 8.0 – Monday


Alright guys, todaaay is  the first day of the Bout Of Books 8.0 Read-a-thon!
It’s also my first day of school so wooohooo…


So, for the reading part – I did stay up to read a little bit after midnight when Bout of Books started this night – I read like 10 pages. I decided to go to sleep then, as school started for me this morning. I did manage to finish my book before school though, so hoorray! I haven’t done any reading since I got back from school but I shall start right after finishing this post.


Pages read: 91
Books finished: 1
Currently reading: Sentinel (Sentinel Trilogy, #1) – Joshua Winning

The day in pictures:



1) Pairathon

Everyone loves to have something nice to drink and eat while reading! This challenge was to share what you’re eating/drinking while reading!
I’ve gone for tea and Greek Yogurt with strawberries ♥


2) Bookish Bucket List

What is one bookish thing you want to do before you die? OR what is one thing you want to do before you die that was inspired by a book you read?

One bookish thing I’d like to do is to have a library. I have always dreamed about having an entrie room just dedicated to books in my house… Ahhh, that would be just too awesome ;__;

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Good luck to everyone who is participating! ♥


5 thoughts on “Bout of Books 8.0 – Monday

  1. I love that cup! I want a library too. I’ve always wanted one, actually. I’ve become quite the little book hoarder in my older years. I have absolutely no shelf space. Haha.

    You’re doing really well with BoB already. Keep it up! (:

  2. Yummy snacks! oh, and Remember to review The Bone People. Would love to read what you thought. Gotta add it to my list to try again.
    You’ve just reminded me that I have to add my challenges to my post. Have a fun week reading :)

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