Super Six Sunday #1


Super Six Sunday is an original bookish meme created from Bewitched Bookworms and inspired by “Top Ten Tuesday” from The Broke and The Bookish .

The theme today:

Super 6 Bad Bookish Boyfriends

Ahh yes, bad boys… Don’t we all love them? Well, I do! I actually realised I haven’t read that many books with ‘bad guys’ in them recently, but og well, I’ll try.

1) Draco Malfoy
Seriously guys, seriously? HOW CAN YOU NOT? Draco… Ahh, my baby. And also Tom Felton. Yes please.

2) Severus Snape
Okaaay guys, this is where the messed up part starts. Get used to the fact that I’m attrcated to older men okay? And I don’t know about you but DAMN, I would have liked Snapeas my boyfriend. Maybe a teenage version of Snape. BUT STILL.

3) Jace Wayland
Guys I’m so so sorry, but Alex Pettyfer just still is Jace for me. He would have been PERFECT, just, aaah. Alex Pettyfer is just 100% spot-on how I imagine Jace.

4) Tyrion Lannister
Hehe. I’m not even going to comment on that. But COME ON, Tyrion is… awesome!

5) James Moriarty
More the BBC Moriarty than the original Moriarty but yeah. He’s pretty much of a ‘bad boy’ isn’t he?

6) Dean Winchester
*sighs* Jess pointed it out in her post and yes, he’s not a bookish character but DAMN. Apart from Crowley, he’s my absolute favourite on the show and I’m not lying when I say that Jensen Ackles is the single most attractive man that has evern existed on this planet. He is perfect. Please marry me.

Alright then, here you have my twisted up thoughts on attractiveness IT’S NOT MY FAULT I LIKE OLDER MEN.


4 thoughts on “Super Six Sunday #1

  1. OH MY GOD YES!!

    What I want to know is why Draco Malfoy isn’t on ANY of the other lists?!?!…also I am such a Severus Snape shipper. I seriously love him. So you are not alone in your weird thing for older men! (I also loved Harrison Ford until he got an earring. Which was just weird.)

    And Dean. *swoons*…and Moriarty…ok CLEARLY we have excellent taste. Everyone just needs to accept that we are right about these things.

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